Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern first exploded on the scene with his over-the-top queer music videos, including the infamous, “Soccer Practice”. The music catapulted him into our tv sets with Logo’s comedy hit The Big Gay Sketch Show. Then he was on our i-pods with the top rated gay podcast show on i-Tunes, Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern. Now, he’s about to invade i-phones!

You heard it right. Jonny is helping to launch the first gay mobile network, Billed as mobile entertainment with a gay sensibility, Moxieq premieres on i-phones this fall – with our Big Gay Daddy as its campaign pimp.

We spoke with Jonny as he prepared to introduce the network to his Kansas City fans when he performs two live comedy shows on October 21st and 22nd.

Why do you want to spread Faggotiness?

Jonny: My message has always been about being as gay as you wanna be and not letting nobody tell you different. In high school I spent a lot of time worrying about being too faggoty but as I came out and came into my own, I realized those faggoty things made me more myself. They weren’t something to hide, but celebrate.

Are you trying to corrupt the nation’s youth?

The more proud, out, faggoty homos, the better!

Music, videos, TV shows, now an i-phone show… all celebrating your gayness.  What’s next?

Tattoos! Feel free to download yer fave Jonny McGovern pic and have it tattooed on your most desirous body part. How about my face on yer butt cheek with a speech bubble saying “enter here”?

Did you ever imagine that you would build an empire based on gayness?

Who knew? Donald trump tried to buy my gayness for 20 million last year. I laughed in his face!
Who is your audience?

My audience is wide and varied. From gay teens who write that I helped them be able to come out by listening to my podcast to older homos who write to thank me for making them laugh and feel youthful. I even have my straight ladies and some lezbos! I take ‘em all.

Can the Gay Pimp transcend into mainstream?  Will straight society ever get you?

I believe mainstream is ready for my jelly. It will take the vision of someone in power to bring me to them. I just need the right project and the right time and then presto! I’ll be in living rooms everywhere.

That’s a scary thought, Jonny. Speaking of the ladies, how are they responding to your latest single, “Don’t Fall in Love with a Homo”?  Are they heeding the Gay Pimp’s advice?

I get a lot of mail from ladies saying they promise not to fall in love with me but that they love the song. Some throw panties on stage. Some say “too late…I love you, Jonny!”

Is it true the song actually helped you land the gig with Moxieq?

It’s true. Moxieq is more Bravo or Lifetime TV than Logo. A lot of straight girls tune into Moxie. I’ll be doling out advice to girls, including signs to look out for that they may be dating a fag.

You think straight guys can turn gay?

Straight guys love any chance to take out their cock and swing it around. That’s why they are so easy to get in bed.

What message do you have for your gay fans this Pride?
I’m a comedian and everything I do is based on fun and jokes. But underneath it all is a message about self empowerment for all gay people. It’s about feeling good about yourself, whoever you are.

Jonny performs at
Flo’s Cabaret
1911 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.
October 21 and October 22

Tickets are limited and are $20 each. To purchase, call or stop by Flo’s Cabaret. (816) 283-FLOS

Catch him now on your i-phone at