When Micah (photo left) told Bryan at ChaosMen.com his little brother, Tobin might be interested in doing a solo or “even more” you bet Bryan was eager to see what his little brother looked like.

Upon Tobin’s arrival for this shoot it was discovered that Tobin and Micah were actually just best pals as opposed to being brothers, but tell everyone they are brothers and feel a strong bond with one another.. Do we detect some “BROMANCE” – nah, Tobin declined to do a set with Micah. They say they are far to much close … Bryan is working on a duo or perhaps a 3sum soon with the pair.

Bryan tells us:

As for Tobin, he is quiet and a bit nervous. He is a little guy at 5 foot 6 or 7, but solid muscle and geez does he have a long dick on him. I think he is quite beautiful. He seems fine with doing guy-on-guy stuff since Micah is doing it, so we will see how he does getting his dick sucked next. He is hard to schedule, so it might be a while, but I am pretty sure he will be back. Perhaps an Edge video?

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