Srinivas Ramchander Siras, professor of modern languages at Aligarh Muslim University, was suspended from his job “on moral grounds” and evicted from his college accommodation after students broke in and filmed him with his partner.

He was expected to return to his job later this month after the Allahabad High Court revoked his suspension and ordered him to be reinstated at a hearing last week.

Neighbours called the police to his single room home on Monday and complained of a bad smell. He was found dead inside and detectives believe he had taken his own life.

Homosexual rights campaigners accused students at the college and the media of driving Professor Siras to his death.

Prince Manvendra Singh, India’s first openly gay royal, said while homosexuality was no longer illegal in India, the battle against prejudice still had to be won “in people’s hearts and minds.”

“I would rate this as a murder. These people need to be taken to task. What right did they have to attack his privacy? It was private, consensual sex and these students and television people got him to commit suicide,” he said.

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