Grindr is an application that if you told a homosexual in the 1950s would one day exist, would probably fall over and die of a heart attack. Unlock your phone, click an icon, Grindr finds your location, and then shows you where other Grindr users around you. The purpose of the application? For gay, bi sexual, and curious men to hookup.

Turns out that in Vancouver a 54 year old guy, and a 15 year old kid, got together via the application and things didn’t quite turn out so well. Police don’t exactly go into details, but the older gentleman was apprehended and charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault. See Vancouver Sun

“Advances in technology and social networking make it easier for our children to come into contact with individuals who may try to harm them or take advantage of them.” — Sex Crimes Unit Sargent Jeanette Theisen

The 15 year old knew what he was doing. The application isn’t exactly shy about what it’s supposed to be used for. “Start chatting with local guys in seconds. The go-to place for gay, bi, and curious guys to meet, the location-based Grindr is free, fast, and fun. Simply launch Grindr to see local guys (the closest appear first) and view pictures, stats, and map locations at a tap.”

That being said, when you’re 54 years old you should kind of know better than to attempt to get into the pants of a random 15 year old boy you meet off the internet. You’d have a much better chance at getting your fix of chocolate starfish by joining the Catholic Church.

From “Based in Los Angeles, California, Grindr is a start-up dedicated to finding new ways for people to connect. Our mobile phone application uses creative technology to help users make new friends and reconnect with old ones.” “Gay, bi, and curious guys looking for a date can find him on Grindr, a location-based mobile social networking app available on iTunes.” “Grindr is mobile and works based on your location. Grindr uses the GPS technology in the iPhone and Wi-Fi in the iPod touch to determine your exact location and instantly shows photos of the guys around you.”

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