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Gareth is a 19-year-old lifeguard.”How many people have you saved?” “I have about a dozen saves,” he replied proudly. “Maybe a little more.” “Now, do you work at a pool or at the beach?” “Both,” he said. “Beach in the summer, pool in the winter.” “Are you one of those lifeguards who likes to strut around, flexing your abs everywhere?” “Oh yeah,” he laughed. “Absolutely!” View More of This Post

So there you are with Derek Atlas slamming his balls against your chin and his cock filling every inch of your watering mouth. Are you really going to complain. Brett Swanson found himself in this very same position, surrounded by big hard muscle as Derek, who’s one of the hottest hung bodybuilders around, was using his face like a Fleshjack. But that just made his hole hungry for some major ass ramming as he flipped over and took that huge hunk of beef and rode it for all it was worth. View More of This Post

BelAmiOnline brings you the hottest boys in the world and today we have something even more special. Meet one of their newest exclusive models from the United States, Mick Lovell. Mick is a stunning young stud that has it all. His beautiful blue eyes will melt your heart but his hot muscle body & big cock will bring you to your feet. Mick is the total package. View More of This Post

Blake was one of those models that’s just difficult to figure out. He doesn’t talk much and gave the crew at Squirtz.com very few clues about what was going on in his mind. Sometimes the things he said would make you think he was nervous and then again he would do or say something that made it clear that he wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. And then there’s his interview. When he was asked about his sexuality. He said he was “straight” and then hesitated, then said “more straight” which of course makes you wonder. View More of This Post