Jim made his last post today ending a 2 year and 198 post run on the 2nd anniversary of the arrest of Harlow and Joe, the two convicted murderers who now sit in prison for the murder of Bryan Kocis (Cobra Video Owner). Jim’s posts will be missed and we want to thank Jim for adding us to his blog roll sometime back just as the murder trial started to heat up. I’ve gained considerable knowledge from reading Jim’s blog over the past year. Take care Jim and hope we see you around cyberspace again soon!

Be sure and leave your comments on Jim’s blog in honor of his final post!

Silence of the Chinchillas  I’ve Seen Things… …you people wouldn’t believe.

2 thoughts on “Bye-bye Chinchilla Jim!

  1. Rob says:

    Glad you acknowledged Jim of Chinchilla fame. He deserves the praise.
    Now, wouldn’t you know that kudo brought out a blog fly on C. Jim’s site–Peter Conway, PC, the guy who closed down his free blog after deleting material there. Why so extreme a step? Then, in a reply to me at Jim’s blog, Peter felt compelled to bring up the alleged problems Grant Roy was having with a credit card company. Frankly, who gives a rat’s ass? Obviously, not germaine to Jim’s blog on the Cuadra-Kerekes murder of Bryan Kocis.
    Petey got his panties in a bunch when Quicky pointed out Jim’s fairness and balance and Petey’s absence from the trial Petey had made his focus.

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