Attorneys for Harlow Cuadra have asked a judge to remove them from Cuadra’s appeal of life without parole for the killing of Cobra video owner Bryan Kocis. Lawyers Paul Walker and Joseph D’Andrea said in a court filing that they do not believe Cuadra has the money to pay them and asked the court to appoint new attorneys to handle the appeal.

Judge Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr. will hold a hearing on May 22 for Walker and D’Andrea to argue why they should be withdrawn from the case.

Last month, the two filed an appeal of the conviction and sentence. The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has not indicated when the appeal might be heard. Cuadra was convicted on March 16 of killing Kocis. Cuadra’s former lover and business partner, 35-year-old Joseph Kerekes, already is serving life after pleading guilty last December to second degree murder after making a deal with prosecutors.


3 thoughts on “Harlow’s Appeal Takes Turn

  1. yves mignon says:

    Really is this all that shocking? Harlow has been plauged by legal issues form the very start. This turn of events is not really news. Any way why should it matter everyone thinks he is guilty anyway.

  2. jage says:

    i really don’t think his quility at all yes he was convicted, but theres is a person who knows duriing the trial most of the evdience was not presented such as witness tampering by the Da

  3. Rob says:

    Not quite on the guilt factor for Harlow guys. A jury found Harlow guilty of 1st degree murder. Harlow’s lawyers had preemptive strikes to eliminate potential troublesome jury members. As far as is known, his lawyers did their job in that jury selection. Then, of course, Harlow had his opportunity to mount his case or remain silent. He chose to testify against his lawyers’ advice. Harlow blew it with his inconsistencies and “tude” of which he had plenty of both from the stand. Unless the allegation of DA witness tampering can be proved, which is misconduct of a most serious nature, Harlow will be staying where he is–in prison for life. Quiet Mr. Cuadra was a masque. He was up to his eyeballs in the death of Bryan Kocis.

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