The still sweet cum from a younger twink type is known as Boy Batter. once gave you a close look at multiple facial cum shots and complete versatility from its performers until all hell broke out on January 25, 2007, when Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis was found dead inside his fire-damaged home and the the owners of, Harlow Cuadra and his lover were thrown in jail and later convicted for murder and sent to the big house.

There were once 44 photo sets in the BoyBatter website. Sets contained between 50 and a 75 shots. They were easily viewed online, but there wasn’t a slide show to view them hands free. There were 51 videos that you could either stream or download with a really fantastic mix of jerk off, masturbation with toys, blowjob, couple and three-way action. You could even hire any of the performers for an hour or a weekend of hardcore sex  at their very own brothel located just minutes from Virginia Beach or book a room at the nearby Doubletree for as little as $250 per hour or $1500 overnight. Condoms optional of course.

A film called 3-way Marine Fuck was right up my alley. There’s nothing I love better than watching a muscle bound tough guy and two sexy boys going at it. Unfortunately, the director sometimes can be heard telling the guys what to do. This may be fine for those of you who enjoy the amateur aspect of this kind of filmmaking, but for those who at least get off on immersing into the action and knowing that guys know how to have sex, these movies may be just your taste. I give the videos an A plus for damn hot hardcore action!

While there may no longer be a BoyBatter left to visit we wanted to bring back the ghost of this hot website and show you some of the photos, clips and a very special video presentation of one of the rarest of the scenes filming two performers getting totally sexed out in the infamous Batter House hottub. Also, check out several more videos we recently posted during Harlow’s murder trial. click here

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3 thoughts on “Looking Back At BoyBatter

  1. dewayneinsd says:

    Damn they had some hot guys and Harlow what a waste he alone could have been a Top Star at a DVD Studio, he had the look,the charisma the sexual ability.

  2. Matthew Conaster says:

    It was really a waste of some real talent Dewayne. Had they stayed on a more sane track no telling how far they could have went.

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