Recent discussions about the personal background of murder victim and twink barebacking porn producer, Bryan Kocis are erupting on the Internet in a recent open letter by Kevin Clarke. To view Kevin’s open letter visit our friend, Dewayne in San Diego’s blog.

Below you will find the background of Bryan Kocis which leads up to Clarke’s letter where Clarke sets the record straight about the real nature of Bryan Kocis.

In August 2003 through February 2004, Bryan Kocis cast Sean Lockhart, a young model, in Cobra’s Every Poolboy’s Dream giving him the stage name of “Brent Corrigan“. Corrigan quickly went on to become the most famous, and most lucrative, of Kocis’ stable of actors. On September 13, 2005, Corrigan’s attorney announced publicly that Corrigan was underage when he filmed those scenes for Cobra Video, and had used a fake ID to participate in those scenes. Corrigan went on to state that Kocis was aware of his underage status. Cobra denied that they were ever aware of such allegations and publicly stated that they had copies of Corrigan’s ID’s claiming a birth year of 1985. A civil lawsuit between the two parties erupted soon after.

Bryan Kocis was found dead on January 24, 2007, after a fire at his Pennsylvania home. According to the investigating coroner, Kocis was stabbed 28 times and his throat was cut, nearly decapitating him. His body was also left in the house before it was set on fire. A folding-style knife was found nearby. Officials had to use dental records to identify Kocis because his body was burned beyond recognition.

On May 15, 2007, two Virginia Beach escorts, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, were arrested and charged with Kocis’ murder. On December 8, 2008, Kerekes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, theft, tampering with or fabricating evidence, and criminal conspiracy, and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Jury selection for Cuadra’s trial began on February 17, 2009 and the trial began one week later. On February 27th, Brent Corrigan testified for the prosecution about his dealings with Kerekes and Cuadra. Throughout the trial, Cuadra claimed that Kerekes controlled his life, equating their relationship with Stockholm syndrome. He also claimed that Kerekes was the one who murdered Kocis and that he wanted to go to police, but Kerekes kept him from doing so. On March 12, 2009, Cuadra was found guilty of all the charges against him, including first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, robbery, and tampering with or fabricating evidence. On March 16th, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Following the trial Bryan Kocis’ sister named, Melody, purported to make a public comment on the Harlow & Joe On Trial Blog as follows:

Those of us who have been fortunate to be in Bryan’s life know what a kind, caring, loving, generous and loyal person he was, and for those of you who didn’t know him it’s your loss. Bryan was a good, honest person in a bad, dishonest business. He was known for giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Bryan made mistakes, but he was a victim of horrible crime, and it was sad how many people forgot that. Sean Lockhart was Bryan’s biggest mistake. He cared for Sean very much, and Sean did nothing but hurt him. I was with Bryan when Sean told him he wasn’t coming back to finish his contract with Cobra, and that he was starting his own company. Bryan just bought him a car. I will never forget how upset Bryan was. Unfortunately Bryan is not here to tell his side of the story.

In 2002, police found a videotape of Bryan Kocis, then 39, and a 15-year-old boy in his home. Kocis met the boy on the internet and transported him to his hometown. Kocis pled guilty to one count of Sexual Abuse of a Child. He was initially charged with child pornography, and transportation of a minor for sexual purposes. Since the boy had lied about his age Kocis was given a probation sentence.

In 2006 a judge signed paperwork changing Kocis’ charge from sex assault to corruption of minors. Kocis’ former attorney, Al Flora, said the change was made because the original charge of sexual assault of a child was a mistake and that, “We didn’t realize there was an error until 2006.” Flora said his former client was a legitimate businessman and not at all a pedophile. Kocis was not required to be registered as a Megan’s Law offender.

Kevin Clarke (Photo at left Kevin Clarke,Jerry Douglas,George DuRoy) who has spent 15 years in the Gay Porn buisness directing some of the top selling Gay Adult DVD’s shares his very unique perspective on Bryan Kocis. To read the entire revelation made by Clarke of Bryan Kocis please see his article, St Bryan of Luzerne County visit Dewayne In San Diego’s blog. Kevin Clarke is the GayVn Award winning director of The American Way,American Way 2-Lust,The Heartland,A Young Man’s World,Ashton Ryans B-Boys,The Seduction of a Surfer and The American City.

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                 Kevin Clark (frequent J1HM user)
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20 thoughts on “Clarke’s Saint Bryan Kocis

  1. Rob says:


    What most of those posting have objected to is the deification of Bryan Kocis. Seneca, a Roman writer of the Emperor Nero’s time, satirized the rites surrounding the posthumous deification (making the murdered emperor, Claudius, Nero’s uncle and predecessor, a god in the Roman pantheon) with his essay, “The Pumpkinification of Claudius.” I prefer the pumpkinification of Bryan Kocis.

    Bryan was an ephebophobe, an adult who preys on underage teen males, a preference he would have cultivated over time. Males of any age and gender preference are highly reluctant witnesses against a sexual predator. The percentage reporting sexual assault and sexual abuse to law enforcement is nearly nill. And most police officers will not believe the male victim. The University of Texas system prepared a behaviorial study on this reporting problem. The fact is teen males and young men are victimized more often than most would imagine.

    What of Kocis? The Rolling Stone article provided an interesting fact that really most be stated. Bryan provided curbside pickup and curbside drop off, a block from that 15 year old’s home. He also provided that 15 year old with a GHB-laced drink, in effect, a Mickey Finn, to immobilize the victim and make him less likely to resist, escape, and even remember the events–all known effects of GHB. Bryan filmed this 15 year old’s deflowering. Originally, the police were pressing for statutory rape, on the basis of the film evidence and the boy’s statement, and the parents’ resolve to hand Kocis his head on a judicial silver platter.

    Sean was targeted by Kocis, courtesy of Sean’s one time boyfriend, Chris Henriquez, who set up a webcam sneek preview of the sleeping teen. Apparently, Chris was trying to coerce Kocis into giving him a film gig. From that initial sneek peek, Kocis began ingratiating himself into Sean’s life. He would contact Sean via email, online chat, and eventually by cell phone until he was able to arrange a face to face.

    Sean does admit to bringing some of this on his own head; however, that would be some of the guilt a sexual assault victim feels–somehow the victim did something or said something that caused the victimizer to touch the victim in an unwelcome way.

    A close read of the Melody Kocis remarks accomplishes two things: one, indicating deep grief and the untimely demise of her brother which no one would belittle in the least; and, two, attempting to cast blame on Sean for her brother’s victimization of the underage Sean.

    For the ephebophobic followers of Kocis, too bad middle-aged shits like Bryan Kocis know exactly what they are doing. The 15 year old was not the first and only victim. Ephebophobes are serial predators. That no other victims have come forward does not mean others do not exist. Those victims chose not to report the assault and abuse out of fear, intimidation (Bryan was known to threaten his models with outing to friends, family, colleges/universities, and employers to get his way and to stay below the radar).

    Kocis was a sexual predator, nothing more and nothing less. He did not deserve his gruesome death; Kocis should have been hauled into court and jailed.

  2. jayare says:

    Porn is just a dirty business altogether. I’m not quite sure who comes out the winner in the end, but this time Brian Kocis most definitely lost(along with the two charged with his crime)

  3. TheBoss says:

    “Love in young men for the most part is not love but sexual desire, and its accomplishment is the end”
    – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra quotes (Spanish writer, author of the masterwork ‘El quijote’, 1547-1616)

  4. TheBrettster says:

    its great to hear about Kevin Clarke again. his work is missed by many since he retired.

  5. nathan scott philips says:

    i shoulkd mention that billo blamed the parents of the little girl david westerfield murdered and blamed them up until the day he was convicted and it turned out he was going to confess except the cops found the body first.

    my comments on corrigan were only related to his fake documents. he had nothing to do with the murder. thast rests soley on the two fucking freaks that did it.

    i can’t believe that kruezer defends harlow. they had kocis’s items in their possesion. what harlow said oin the stand does not match fornensic evidence. and for anyone that says there is no DNA, they fucking torched the body and the house to get rid of the evidence.

    defenders of harlow are just like fox news and their greta van sustren. on her program on FOX NEWS it was always claimed that David Westerfield and Scott Peterson should be aquited.

    corrigan lied and gave false documents. the entire thing is on him. kocis can be forgiven since the crime was totally on the part of carrigan.

    brent can be forgiven, harlow and joe can’t. never, ever. THEY FUCKING KILLED A GUY! the entire thing is going to be on law and order.

    damn boss you fucking impressed me! major kudos for quoting cervantes.

  6. nathan scott philips says:

    The picture in the comic book form brings to mind the Showcase Presents The Green Arrow comic book collection I just got. (old comics in a 500 and some page collection in black and white reproduction). In my comic book the Green Arrow and his ward Speedy (later to become a heroin addict)sleep in twin beds in the same room, even though Oliver QUEEN is a multi millionaire like Bruce Wayne.

  7. DeWayne says:

    Nathan Scott Phillips yeah I closely followed the David Westerfield case I actually knew the man when he was in HS (I was younger in Elementary) he grew up in Clairemont and everyone KNEW he was seriously disturbed, he had not one ounce of Human empathy.

    I kid you not there was not one cat or dog on his street the neighbors all knew he was responsible but he was scary smart and always got a way with it.

    When they found child porn on his PC (sadomaschistic) he tried to blame his son.

    BY the way the Van Damns were condemned by all the moralists cause they were swingers and he is Bi (yeah he used to hang out at all the book stores picking up men)

  8. nathan scott philips says:

    dewayne, i watched night after night of bill blaming that family for her murder and greta and her panel of legal experts doing the same thing. they did it again in the scott peterson case. the bitch actually wrote me back telling me why he should be aquited after i wrote into the show and complained about their stupid legal theories.

    billo never said a thing when it turned out he was going to confess for a plea deal right before they found the body.

    i wonder how those people who defended westerfield sleep at night. i watched the trial on court tv. i have never seen anyone so guilty until the kid they had on a while back that murdered the little boy in florida and the other guy in florida that grabbed the girl at the car wash.

    there is a reason greta isn’t allowed to cover crimes after the perp gets caught, she is always wrong.

    now she spends her time defending sarah palin. turns out greta’s husband is now palins adviser and running her PAC. talk about bias.

    i will never forgive them for what they did in the westerfield case.

    and then billo said that kid that was raped for years liked it better than living at home.

    they should all be on death row for what they said.

    i didn’t know about the bi thing, all i remember is that they smoked pot so they had to be the bad guys.

  9. nathan scott philips says:

    i seem to have written so the cases seem mixed. fox news was wrong in both the peterson and the westerfield cases.

  10. nathan scott philips says:

    dewayne you answered my question about who the wee little lad was on another blog when i used my real name rick. thanks. he is such a cutie.

  11. nathan scott philips says:

    dewayne ya mean you didn’t tell me who that kid was? is there more than one dewayne? it was on queer me now, on that one i just go by rick, my real name.

  12. nathan scott philips says:

    did i hit the wrong page or something when i made my comment on the murder case? when i mentioned fox news it seems that i was replying to something.

    i place no blame on sean even if he did use fake id’s and i do not know enough to say anything about brian kocis. but, there is no way in hell he deserved anything that those bastards did to him.

    all i know is that sean used a fake id and did a movie before he was legal and that he and brian had a court case which i thought was resolved over it.

    all i really know is what was in the legit media on the cse and that kruezer has been trying to lay the blame on sean and roy since day one.

    applaud them for turning states evidence and wearing the wire so that those pastards could be brought to the justice they both deserve.

    it seems like a lot has been said to blame the victim just like they do on fox all the time. i didn’t know brian and i had to destroy the movie i had that sean did when he was underage. as far as i know brian was duped into hiring an underage model and two assholes killed him so they could get sean and use the brent corrigan name.

    it was a horrible terrible way to die and nothing he could have done deserved it. they did it to make a buck and they deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

    as for the lack of dna, well, they burned the body up and the house down. all evidence places both at the scene at the time of the murder. harlow offered no defense but his own lies which the actual evidence disproved.

    one of my posts might be missing because the system was messed up for a while or i made it on the wrong page. the latest from the damon might have fried my brain too. i think he is starting to think i am running things.

    ephebophobic is the word the catholic church uses for the priests that like boys with pubic hair and are almost of age.

  13. dewayneinsd says:

    I just looked on Queer Me Now cant find a post that matchs, yeah I know I was talking about the Westerfield case with someone recently and I thought it was you.. wee little lad?

    Now I am confused 😉

    Lets blame it all on “Intense debate” The boss reminded me of an ole fav “Southernism” the other night Intense Debate had more bugs than “Carter has Liver Pills”

    I have a question Boss

    Who was Carter and what were Liver pills 😉
    My grandma used that ALL THE TIME!,9171,814704,00.html

  14. dewayneinsd says:

    Carters Liver Pills may be gone gone gone but they have a top selling product today…

    Trojan Condoms! You have to give Carters ad writers credit Trojan Man has been a long running radio ad staple.

  15. Rob says:


    Hate to burst a bubble. Kocis was an ephebophobe of long standing. Sean was induced and enticed by the late joker to film and more, as in be seduced into a relationship with Sean. Until Kocis clearly knew of Sean’s true age, he was not interested in a sexual relationship. That is pure predatory behavior.

    You are right. Kocis did not deserve to be murdered. That grizzly death does not, and will not, stretch to cover his other sins.

    You mentioned the small number of priests who preyed on teen males. Not excusable. Odd that Kocis lived in the shadow of a Catholic college. Kocis was a discerning ephebophobe–he most likely got into the pants of some of the young men who attended that nearby college.

    NSP you argue “[I] place no blame on sean even if he did use fake id’s and [I] do not know enough to say anything about brian kocis[,] but there is no way in [H]ell he deserved anything that those bastards did to him. In this compound sentence, you claim not to blame Sean Lockhart for Kocis’ demise and then turn right around to blame him for using “fake id’s” which Kocis provided the money to buy and pressured his gopher, Robert Wagner, into witnessing a dubious, required 2257 form for Sean, at Wagner’s own admission were questioned documents. Sorry, Kocis knew what he was doing which was not the first time.

    Kocis shares blame for his own demise. He was casting couching Cuadra at the time of his death. He was not “reformed” and like most serial predators would never reform. He was continually looking for the next prey.

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