A brand spanking new website has opened it’s virtual doors online; GayPornGossip. Beginning back with the GayVN awards, we have seen a significant increase in chatter, rumor mills and the other tales breaking out on the Internet, namely through Twitter. Some websites cover the stories and some don’t. So now is as good of a time as any I think to launch such a website. More importantly, we have saw a rise in websites and blogs arising that often are just fraudulent websites with the mission of posting malicious and untrue stories. With the rise of an OFFICIAL website, a central point of views can be developed.

The intent with GayPornGossip is to create a virtual clearinghouse of gossip that can be posted by the people of the industry itself along with other bloggers and readers. No subject will be omitted providing there is some TRUE validity to it. Say, for example, you have some photos of a party you just attended. You can have those photos and/or commentary posted and can even link to your own web space if you like – FOR FREE.

GayPornGossip needs other bloggers help! The website hope the community bloggers will jump in and assist with contributing time to effectively serve up the dish. In short — they want to take what sometimes is considered “public domain” and “free speech” issues and bring them into a central landing in hopes of servicing the BETTER interests of the gay porn industry at large. People love the gossip, the debates, the discussion and God know they love the cat fights. CALLING ALL BLOGGERS, WEBMASTERS, CONTRIBUTORS, DESIGNERS … we need EVERYONE’S HELP. Visit the new website to find out how you can help.

We are proud that this new website is managed by our parent company and hosted within our network.

VISIT: www.gayporngossip.com