Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush have filmed a 3rd Public Service Announcement video for DC Fuk!

DC ranks in the top five metropolitan areas in terms of same-sex couples according to census data, along with Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Yet, for some reason, we are the only one of these cities that doesn’t have a permanent home for our LGBT center. Each of these cities has LGBT centers with multi-million dollar buildings and multi-million dollar annual budgets ranging from over two million to well over forty million. Our entire operating budget this year, in contrast, is less than 10% of the lowest of these budgets

Enjoy the video below, shot in retro style. is a grass roots community based prevention program developed by men who have sex with men specifically for our community. Our mission is to stop the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in our community by teaching the facts about sexually transmitted infections and by providing free condom/lube kits to the community as tools to help reduce the spread of these infections. was developed by members of the Washington DC GLBT community and is supported by private donations and The Metro DC GLBT Center. Enjoy your sexuality responsibly: choose condoms and other safer sex practices, or monogamy, or abstinence. Love yourself. Love your partners. Love our community. Stop HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.

You can meet and learn more about Brent Corrigan on his official website:

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