Trevor is originally from Spring, Texas (just north of Houston) & now lives in a downtown loft in Houston.

Trevor is 5’11” and a Capricorn, being born on January 2. At 220lbs. of ripped muscle; he is the proud daddy of Nellie, a boxer pitbill mix.

Aside from being a bit too good-looking (is that possible) He has a great personality.

He started modeling at age 20. Initially he was told to lose 20lbs, Trevor did not buy into this thought and as he had worked so hard to achieve the physique he had, he was not about to change it on the whim of a former bartender turned talent agent in Florida.

Trevor says diet is 80% of staying in shape. When it comes to fitness, Trevor is one of the tops in the industry.

About Trevor:

Heritage: German/Italian
Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon with a side of sexy
Skin color: Dark tan w/ no tan lines in case you were writing a book about me.
Height: 5’11 With heels: 6’2

Weight: 210 lbs (photo shoot weight)  230 lbs (off-season)
Waist: 32″ – (sucked in)
Arms: 19
Legs: 28″
Chest: Double DD
Penis: Yes I have one but you can’t see it.
Hair/eyes: Blond/blue
Age: shame on you…lol….28
Shoe size: 12 = you know what that means means – I have big socks.
When is your Birthday: January 2nd,
Whats your favorite color? blue and orange and red/white/blue
Whats your favorite dinner food? crab cakes and stuffed shrimp
Whats on a perfect pizza? pepperoni / thin crust
Favorite candy? M & M’s / protein bars
Whats your favorite number? lucky no. 7
What would your rapper name be? Ummm, 69 cent.
Boxers or briefs? definitely briefs
Favorite Car: Dodge Viper and Hummer H2
Favorite animal: Dogs – German Sheppards & Great Danes, my beautiful mut is named, “Will.”
Who does your hair and M/U for shoots? Usually me, why you don’t like it?
What do you do for fun? Generally I like to stay productive and busy but never at the same time.   Squeezing some fun in between these two things is very important.  I am not a big partier but I am not a Nun either.
Ever been arrested? Yes, I was arrested a couple of times.
Really?  I am all ears. I was arrested in 98′ for Felony Jay-walking and in 2003 for driving under the influence of sexiness.  The Jay-walking charges have been dropped but I am still on probation for the driving offenses.
Do you think we are living in a better society concerning hate, war, human rights, sexual behaviors, etc? Yes and No.  Its interesting that Civil Rights have pretty much been “equalized” and women’s rights isn’t as big an issue as it use to be yet there is the concern for gay marriage.  The Constitution states all men are created equal, (learned that in the 3rd grade).  Eventually Politicians will interpret it that way and establish equality throughout the human race, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual pref, immigrant status, financial status or the number of tatoos you have where the sun doesn’t shine. Although I won’t get married, I don’t see that depriving others of that right for unethical reasons is fair. When 2 people decide to get married, then they share a special bond for one another and that has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Now regardless of whether people are gay, straight, or even side-ways, they should be able to validate their feelings for one another on a marriage certificate, without outside interference from anyone.

Trevor has a new website, which we’re sharing with you today.
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