Gorgeous Boy of The Day

Justin Lebeau

The thing about a model like Justin Lebeau is that you have to get him while he’s available. After being away for almost a year, he’s back in Montreal, Canada for a few weeks. But the road is calling again so he’s off to explore the world some more and the guys at Squirtz had […]

Who Is Fucking Who?

Jake Bass and Justin Lebeau

As individuals, there are probably no two models who generate more excitement on Videoboys.com than Jake Bass and Justin Lebeau.When Justin and Jake first got together on the set the atmosphere was very low key with casual conversation and little to indicate the kind of explosion that was about to happen. I think both models […]

College Boys

Meet Gorgeous Kovy

Kovy is a straight guy in every way you could expect. He loves all the rough team sports, especially hockey, he works out at the gym regularly and most importantly he really likes girls. But he has one tragic vulnerability in his hetero armour: it’s something of a turn on for him when people admire […]