It is my honored pleasure to introduce to you the most GorgeousBoy in Australia, Mr. Shannon Boh ! Now you know why Mardi Gras in Sydney is such a talked about event on this gay planet we live on. If all the boys are like Shannon I’m writing the travel agent a bad check and booking my flight to Downunder right away – post haste !

This dark-blonde hair, 22 year old, Capricorn is our new contact here at GorgeousBoys and we can’t get enough of him. Shannon lives a few short miles from Sydney in one of the most beautiful beaches in all the world – Bondi Beach. Shannon is a very talented photographer.
I had a chance to have a short interview with Shannon yesterday so sit back and enjoy our Expose of Shannon – leave your comments, visit Shannon’s BoyShout profile and make a friend with him … and be sure to visit his very own Blog where you will find tons of photographs and when you learn more about Shannon you will have to agree he is not only drop-dead-gorgeous but just the most cheerful and mesmerizing boy you may have ever met. A real breath of fresh air. < click any image in our post to enlarge the photograph >

My name is Shannon and I am an Aussie boy born and bred. I am a creative, spiritual person who lives a simple life. I have over time developed a passion for photography, both infront of and behind the camera. I enjoy waterpolo, going to the gym, and art. I have no problem with admitting that it is all about vanity. I am a vain person but a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. My rekindled interest in sports and fitness has helped to build my confidence in both myself and my abilities. There is a long way to go yet but all of life is a journey. It is my firm belief that power and strength all come from within. Our thoughts and attitudes create the reality we live in.  So enjoy the pictures, leave comments and welcome in this small way into my world.

The Interview

Matthew: Do you have a MySpace, BoyShout, FaceBook profile ?
Shannon: I do have a facebook but I keep it exclusively for family and close friends. I do have a brand new BoyShout profile you can visit it. Click Here. Be sure to visit my Blog also, it’s titled The adventures and musings and occasional mishaps of an Aussie Boy it’s hosted on Blogspot.

Matthew: In your blog you say you recently broke up with your boyfriend, so that makes you single ? Are you looking for a new boyfriend and if so what qualities do you seek in one ?
Shannon: Yeah I am single. Not really looking for a boyfriend at the moment though I am open to the possibility. I really want to spend a year looking after myself and being a bit selfish again. The qualities I look for are an adventurous and generous spirit. I like someone who is impulsive and open to new experiences. It doesn’t hurt if they are hot and a sexual deviant too LOL.

Matthew: Your photography is done so well. What would you say is the best photograph you have ever taken ?
Shannon: The best photo I have ever taken would have to be a shot of a friend of mine. He helped me out with some shots for a portfolio. Its a head shot and I think it really captures him beautifully. It wasn’t planned. Quite often the best photos aren’t. We shot it on the pier in St kilda in Melbourne.

Matthew: Are you employed or do you attend school … what line of work or major in school ?
Shannon: At the moment I am working but I am mostly trying to gain a footing with my photography. I have made heaps on contacts in Sydney and as soon as I get my lense back from the repair shop I’m gonna start a few new projects.

Matthew: When did you first discover you were gay ?
Shannon: Iv’e been messin around with guys since I was 14 but I didn’t really identify it as gay until high school. It took me a long time to come around to what it was. I have never been really big on labels.

Matthew: Who is your favorite porn star ?
Shannon: I’d have to say Brent Corrigan… he’s just so damn cute and his ass is heaven.

Matthew: Have you visited the United States before and when ?
Shannon: I have visited the states in high school. It was a family holiday and we mosty did the tourist thing. Disney land etc. Id love to get back sometime especially to see the interior. Maybe a road trip from east to west is the way to go.

What do you think the biggest difference is between gay guys in the United States  and Australia ?
Shannon: From what I can see there is not alot of difference. Both countries are so diverse. Aussie guys are very easy going, I haven’t spent enough time in the states to be able to make a call on this one.




3 thoughts on “Introducing Shannon Boh

  1. Damon Kruezer says:

    The Kruezer is very favorably impressed.

    Smart, sexy and hot as all get out – and so very engaging personally.

    The Boss has a keeper in Shannon Boh!

    Just one caveat: I feel that various permutations and/or (mis)pronunciations of his last name are bound to crop up, leading me to say that Shannon may wish to “expand” his last name in a way that is more distinctive and less likely to lead to misinterpretation or mispronunciation.

    Other than that…I’d LOVE to do a photo session with him.

    A private one.

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