Guess who the hot bartender is at Marcella in Buffalo, New York ? It seems that ChiChi LaRue has been hopping all over the country and ran into the gorgeous Joseph Sayers.

On ChiChi’s Blog post she said, “Last week I was in Buffalo NY at a club called Marcella. I have to admit I was not expecting much, but let me tell you, Buffalo Rocks!! The club was fantastic and the people of Buffalo are Gorgeous. The staff alone made me weak and the people that came to dance and party were totally wild. They treated me great and I DJ’ed from 11pm till 4:30 am. I can’t wait to go back, hint hint. One of the clubs bartenders Joseph Sayers is also a very successful model and has worked his magic for Calvin Klein and Abercrombie and Fitch. When I say this boy looked like a super hero drawing, I am not exaggerating, stunning!!” Head over to Miss Thing’s blog and check out the pics she posted of the visit.

Most male models are about 5’10” but Joseph is only 5’6″. He is best known for his centerfold of him nude in an Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly. He has modeled for Ralph Lauren, DSquared, and Macy’s and has appeared in French Vogue, Gentlemen’s Options, Artistic Tile, Men’s Journal, Numero, Instinct, CosmoGirl, XY and Blue magazines. He has also appeared in a TV commercial for ESPN, an in-store video for Redken, and a music video for the Pet Shop Boys. Allegedly, Sayers posed nude and performed autoerotic sexual acts in a photo shoot several days after his 18th birthday, which were then distributed on the Internet by the photographer, Ed Flores. The rights to those photos have since been bought by Sayers in an attempt to stop further distribution.

Therefore we have named this hunky stud boy the honorable post of Gorgeous Boy of The Day. Enjoy some snapshoots we have collected of this exceptionally gorgeous boy.

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3 thoughts on “Joseph Sayers – Buffalo, NY Just Got Hotter

  1. MJ Taylor says:

    He’s fucking beautiful. Sign me up for some of that!

    P.S. You spelled his name wrong. You typed Joesph but his pictures show that it’s spelled Joseph. (Not like I care what his name is anyway, I just want him screaming mine LOL).

    Chi Chi once again has a great eye for talent.

  2. Matthew Conaster says:

    As MJ pointed out we have changed the spelling to reflect the manner it is spelled in the primary image. Thanks MJ. I’m like MJ on this one – who cares as long as he is screaming mine. LOL

  3. Insideguy says:

    He is a hottie I have some vintage prints of him by Joe Oppedisano that wreak of the best sex you’ll ever have checkout Joe’s website fior more of the same MAN.

    I wonder is he still in medical school and just working in a gay bar for extra money. He used to identify as straight but who knows age only gives him more appeal.

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